Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Port Fairy (Finally!)

Hello all!  We are now on the other side of the world and settled in Orlando.

The trip was a shocker in terms of time spent traveling - something like 35+ hours.  But Neve was a trooper.  And, given her sleep to eat to sleep habits she really has not noticed the jet lag (unlike her parents!).  United is most certainly not the airline of choice on the long haul from AUS to LA, for those considering this trip with a tiny baby.  No personal entertainment centers on United, so movies were shown on the large screens for the entire 14 hour flight.  So what, you say?  Well, babies, like large wingless moths, find the light from tv screens to be, well, mesmerizing - which makes sleeping a BIG challenge!   Anyway, we made it in one piece and that's what counts!!

Before leaving Australia, we spent a lovely long weekend with Hamish's family in Port Fairy.  I wanted to share the beautiful beach with you and some of the fun family photos.  I've been trying to balance hospital visits with Neve care and dinner prep, so my blogging has (as you may have noticed) taken a nose dive.  Will try to keep up at least periodically!

Happy trails --

Cousins in love!

The Berry family women.

The Berry cousins.

Port Fairy (look at that beach!!)

The Berry family out for a surf.

Hamish coming in from getting his butt kicked by the surf!

Neve staring intensely at her Uncle James.

Uncle James in heaven being starred at!
The Berry Family Easter Portrait.