Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life in Melbourne

Well I guess that you can guess by my lack of recent posts that we have really gotten into our new life here in Melbourne, Australia.  We have a wonderful home base, a schedule that we swear by, friends and family galore, excellent drinking water, a mini-van, full time twins and TV!!

We are two weeks in with two to go and I am already starting to stress about the plane ride home to New York, what life will be like with the twins once we get back and how we will cope on our own and in considerably less space.  All good things to worry about but really nothing to be done from here - so I will try to let it go and just continue to enjoy our Melbourne days!

Below are some highlights of our Melbourne fun so far.

The Melbourne Aquarium - 

The Wild Animal was not at all phased by sharks.

The twins really enjoyed (ie slept through) the aquarium.

They have tons of super large sting rays!

Me and the Wild Animal in the largest shark ever's mouth!

The Melbourne Zoo -

Feeding time at the orangutang exhibit.

Neve looking at apes.

More twin feeding.

Neve actually preferred the wooden orangutang carvings over the real thing. 
For a Wild Animal, she has surprisingly little interest in her own kind.

One of our at home events with the family -

Cousins Cameron and Ronan.

Cousin Matthew showing Neve how to read.

Aunt Di and Ronan.

Day trip to Myrniong -

Brother James, cousin Lachie and cousin Eloise at the farm.

Neve was thrilled to wear her first real Australian hat!

She was thrilled to meet her first pony.

And she was thrilled to pull the hair of a cat named Mouse.

The James Berry family with Neve and twins on the side.

Gemma enjoying (ie sleeping during) the day trip.

The Melbourne Botanical Gardens -

Jessica taking a break in Neve's stroller.

The twins enjoying (ie sleeping in) the fresh air.

Neve getting showered with leaves.

Neve and da da playing in the gardens.

Gemma snuggling up and enjoying (ie sleeping in) the gardens.


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