Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sequel

I don't really know how to begin this whole thing again - I feel terribly rusty!  But . . .  I find myself back in eerily familiar territory.  Sitting under the covers in a bed half the way around the world, full glass of coke on the bedside table, tapping away on the computer while others sleep.   You see, a little over a year ago my husband, Hamish, and I had a beautiful baby girl born through surrogacy in New Delhi, India.  It was a wild and magical journey and I blogged ALL ABOUT IT!  A once in a lifetime adventure that resulted in the best thing that ever happened to us - having our daughter, Neve, and watching her grow and experiencing all of her firsts, becoming parents and all the wonderful (and occasionally not so wonderful) things that go along with that and getting to share it all with our friends and family.  

It was SUCH an amazing experience that like some hollywood box office success, before we even left Delhi we began plotting the sequel.  Nature took it's course (with a little help from science, a deep freezer and some other nice ladies, in our case!) and about 9 months ago we got the news that our new surrogate was pregnant.  And just like some hollywood sequel, this time around we are going to make it BIGGER and add some crazy unrealistic plot twists and a few new over the top side characters.  Neve will have not just one sibling, but two - yes, THIS TIME AROUND WE ARE HAVING TWINS!!!!

So, here we are in Delhi, with our 13 month old daughter and awaiting the birth of our twins (gender unknown at this time).  The magnitude of what we are taking on has quite honestly not sunken in for me.  We've done the basic planning of course and have cribs and all sorts of new baby crap (along with all the old baby crap) - but what I really mean is the mental part of being READY FOR TWINS (on top of a 13 month old).  One of the luxuries (or detriments depending on how you look at things) of not carrying a baby yourself is that you go about your normal everyday life for the gestational period and then - BOOM - you're a parent.  I worry about this a bit, but only a bit, because with keeping Neve from eating electrical cords and falling down marble stairs and trying to put away all of our clothes and things, I really don't have time.  Forgive me baby unborn children of mine - I have a feeling that mentally ready or not, here you come!

Before we get all deep in to twin territory, I think I should "end" the prior blog.  (I understand that blogs are traditionally continuous things, but that's just not how I roll.  I blog while in India picking up children, then I fade back into my non-blogging life, end of story.)

After picking up Neve in India, we went to Australia to see Hamish's family and then were called back to the US early because my Dad was very ill and was in the ICU.  We took a flight from Melbourne just after Easter 2011, a quick stop in Sydney, on to LA and then Orlando, Florida - where we took up residency for almost 6 weeks.  All with an infant and a traveling office (Hamish was working and busy all that time).  Once we made it to Orlando, my time was sucked up with hospital visits and baby care and blogging fell off the radar.  But, I feel I owe you an explanation of how things turned out, so stay tuned for the next post that sums it all up.

Once the past has been put to rest, we can ALL start preparing for this new story and how delightful and disastrous (in a good way) it will all play out!

Love (and it's nice to be back!),

G, H & N + 2


  1. WOW....amazing news! Good luck with 2 more its quite change. You'll do GREAT!

  2. Oh how exciting! Douglas and I can't wait to have you over for dinner and see little Neve again. You can also meet your two little boys! Please give us a call or email so we can get together. Douglas & Chad

    3 children is the new have many adventures waiting for you. So happy to see your update and look forward to reliving the excitement from afar (although when you're home, we MUST get together!)
    The lady of the manor is back...the world feels balanced again!!! HUGS!

  4. Exciting times for you three. Looking forward to following along on your second journey!

  5. I think it's always scary adding to your family! Best wishes, can't wait to read your next posts and see pics of the twins!

  6. Just found your happy blog. Congratulations and good luck with this next adventure.

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  8. Welcome back!!! Can't wait to read about this journey. love and miss you!

  9. Gael, so glad you are back to blogging; I enjoyed your blog style and missed you while you were gone. Also glad hear your happy news, both about the twins and your father's miraculous recovery. Can't wait to hear your adventures in managing a toddler and two infants. Need some recent pix of Neve with the new little ones!