Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy One Month Birthday Gemma & Ronan !!!

The twins are now officially one month old in all time zones they have or will inhabit!  It feels like they have been in our lives far more than a mere 30 days while at the same time it feels like a whole month could not have already passed.  Time is a funny thing - running differently depending on what you are experiencing.

We are adoring the twins and their turtle ways.  I like to say that Neve is the hare - always on the move, always into something, charming, gregarious and confident.  The twins are slow and deliberate, personalities still mostly under wraps, but they are relentless and never ever stop.  It always surprises me that these mostly sleepy little things could be so exhausting but as we all know, little turtles can cover some serious ground and they do!  The twins are a 24 hour operation running at a deliberate pace and Neve is a 12 hour operation running on overdrive.

At any rate, a photo update below dedicated to the big one month birthday of our little turtle twins!

Happy one month birthday baby loves!!!

Ronan has crazy neck power for his age.  
Can totally lift that big head in tummy time already!

It is all SO exhausting!

"I just had a thought - let's play!"

Gemma - playing with her hands and having a hard time 
lifting her head which I think must be due to the poundage stored in those cheeks!

So pretty!!

So sleepy! 
BTW - this is exactly how Neve used to sleep!!


  1. Your little turtles are gorgeous! Happy Bitthday babies!

  2. Happy one month precious little beauties. xo LPS

  3. Adorable, now dish on the exit process for the USA, LOL...i think u may have my email.

    Time does fly based on yoru experience, i swear by that!!

  4. Aww they are gorgeous ,,so so happy for you .
    Now I'm like mandy dish on the USA exit process ,also what kinda visa did you apply for baby pick up and when did you apply , do you have to adopt your babies when you bring them back to USA ,should I bring my own baby formula with me to India ...sorry I have so many question ... I'm in my 20 week and I really want to know what should I get start and prepared for ,you can email me at raquelsimone1@aol.com

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