Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Stability

Just a quick one to say thank you to all of you who have been hoping and praying and thinking of us and our family.  We have been really overwhelmed by the love and it seems to be doing some real good - so please keep it up!  We've been monitoring the situation in Florida closely and although we can't report a miraculous recovery - we can report that the vitals are finally "stable".  And, in the real world, in situations like this, "stable" really should be considered miraculous!  With a bit more long term "stable" we may have an actual miracle on our hands! No high fives yet and it will be a long recovery, but we are starting to talk recovery which is well -- a relief and good.

We are in Melbourne and will (unless stable turns to unstable) be here through Easter.  Then, we will cut outNew Zealand and LA (maybe a quick stop over to relieve the traveling) and will head directly to the Doe (this is what Hamish calls Orlando) to be with my family.  

So not for nothing but we did manage to spend some time ourselves in the hospital today.  I think this is one new parents (IPs) might be interested in as you might face it as well.  In India they give a TB shot a couple days after birth.  They actually do not vaccinate for TB in Australia anymore  - so many of you may not even need to worry about this.  It is not uncommon for babies to have a reaction to the TB shot like 4 to 6 weeks after it is administered.  We, as newbies, did not know this and when a large pustule like boil appeared on Neve's arm a couple days ago -- well, we were concerned and went to higher sources.

People who saw photos said we should go to a pediatrician because it could be infected.  And, after tripping through a healthcare system that we are unfamiliar with, we ended up in the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne in the immunization specialization unit (we really owe this stroke of genius to my sister in law Di who has friends in the right places).  So a super sweet pediatrician had a look at the Neve boil and pronounced that it was all "within the range of normal" for a TB reaction and that no puss removal or antibiotics would be necessary.  Awesome - as I was really not looking forward to explaining to Neve why I was helping to hold her down while a stranger dug the puss out of her painful Neve boil!

Anyway, lesson here is that you baby could have a negative reaction to a TB shot a month or so after it's given and you have to be careful that the reaction is not an infection that's a serious infection verses Neve's type.  If you are a Newbie, you will certainly seek outside help for that determination.  But, either way, it would have been nice to know to look out for it in the first place.  My first reaction was that one of those crazy Australian spiders had gotten a chunk out of the Neve Berry arm!

Hospitals are also such a reality check.  We saw little Neve sized creatures with prams (strollers) with extra holders for IV units and other tubes coming out.  And little ones covered in netting to prevent germs from getting in.  A little Neve boil is nothing in the scheme of things, so we left all happy.  But there are certainly many families in that hospital that need to see better days and all we can do it hope for them.

The trip did lead to Neve's first official weighing since birth.  She is now 4.045 kg, up from her birth weight of 2.6 kg.  This is great and the doctor listened to her heart and was happy when Neve socked her hard in stomach with those little weight lifter legs.  In India, Neve's birth weight was middle of the road.  In Australia, we learned today that Neve was under 5% on the charts for her birth weight.  She is gaining fast however, and in just 5 short weeks has worked her way up to the high 30% range!  I can personally attest to the amount of milk being consumed around here and to the fact that my back is literally in constant pain -- so I was not surprised by the good news on the weight gain!

Going to go to sleep now.  We have had another full weekend in Melbourne and will I send around photos tomorrowish.

Love to all -- and thank you for your support.

G, H & N

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. All of our love.