Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to Oz!!

We are in settled in Melbourne!! Neve was met at the airport by her grandparents, Mick and Sue, and her Uncle Charles and they helped to transport us (and our two car loads of stuff!) to our new apartment.  It was a joyous event with smiles and hugs overflowing!!  Mick & Sue graciously lent us their car and brought over a good supply of groceries to get us get started (including beautiful flowers).  Over the last few days Neve and has gotten to spend some quality time getting to know her grandparents.  They just adore her - can't stop staring at her - and find it very hard to believe that she ever fusses or pukes or refuses go to sleep at 3am (which trust me, she has been known to do).  She seems to have a sense of when others are around and totally turns on the placid goo goo baby routine.  It's shocking!  But they are IN LOVE!!

Neve has also now met her two uncles, James and Charles as well as the James Berry family.  Everyone is smitten and we are really looking forward to spending more time together this trip.  Neve has been appropriately doted upon and has been receiving lovely pink presents from all corners of Australia!  The social calendar is getting full and next week Mick & Sue are throwing a relatives luncheon for Neve.  She is very excited but had nothing to wear (mostly boy looking onesies in her wardrobe at this point).  But the James Berry family came to the rescue and gave her two lovely girly outfits which will be perfect for her big society debut!

Our new apartment is down in Port Melbourne.  In one direction we are a block from the beach and a running path that goes for miles and in the other direction we are a block from the main drag which is full of shops and cafes.  It's a fantastic location!  The first morning here we went for a wander and I knew we had landed in heaven (except that I was exhausted from Neve's travel insomnia the night before).  Within walking distance there are two amazing grocery stores (that make anything in NY look like total crap in comparison) and one large regular grocery store -- and, I kid you not, at least six wine shops.  This place is also crawling with hair salons (I partook yesterday!!) and skin care/massage centers (have not made it yet but will) plus cafes in abundance! 

We are coming into the fall season in Melbourne. And, since we've been here the weather has been divine.  Highs in the 70s, lows in the 60s -- crystal clear blue skies.  It's like San Diego!  We are expecting  a "change" on Saturday and seem to be meeting up with New York's spring weather so a bit colder (lows in the 50s) with some rain.  But I don't mind that a bit.  After all it would be a total waste to have dragged jeans and sweaters (jumpers for the Aussies) around the world and not have gotten to use them!  I've got blazers and boots that are calling out for some wearing people!!  In Australia, when someone says "a change is coming on Saturday" that does not mean revolutionary forces are taking over the government -- only that a cold front or some different weather pattern is going to move through and "change" the current weather pattern.  Just so you know.

I've been busy seeing as I am now playing the role of Dellip, Mr. Mohank, Jesse, myself and the social secretary.  Hamish continues to be swamped with work.  He's working on one deal with people based in Australia/New Zealand, so he gets to work days here and he's working on some New York deals so he also gets to start working at dinner time here when New York comes on line.  It's the perfect storm for 24/7 work!!  He's hoping (and I'm hoping) that some of these thing will close in the next couple weeks so that he can enjoy our little time in paradise.  

In the meantime I have been going to the gourmet shops and cooking dinner at home.  The first night I was at the cash register and there was a long line behind me of good looking 30 somethings in their workout clothes buying healthy looking items.  Single ladies in NY, you might consider a move - you literally can't cross the street without running into a fine looking fellow or tow.  Anyway, I run my AmEx card at the grocery store through the machine and hot check out guy says something like "ok mate, vegemite, [something] cash?".  I and have no clue what he's asking so he repeats it all again.  And again, I am staring in wonder (people behind me getting itchy).  So I think maybe he's asking if it's credit or debit.  But no.  Finally he spits out the word cash again and I finally get that he's asking if I want cash back (this took several minutes and we both speak English).  When we are done with the transaction he says to me "good luck" and hands me my packages. Good luck???  Wow, I thought I was back in the "western world"  all in control of my environment!!  Guess our adventure continues!

Love from Oz!

G, H & N  

Neve with Granny Sue and Pappa Mick!

Neve in the new tub getting the "hot towel treatment" suggested by EPs Pete & Wendy!  
She's a big fan!

Neve with her cousin Eloise!

Neve with her new puppy rattle!!  She thinks it might be a tasty treat!!

Neve at the grocery store.  Look at that magnificent leek!!

By the beach a block from our new digs.


  1. Hame and Gaelyn! I called a number and left a message on an answering machine today so I hope it was you!!! Can't wait to speak to me when you get a chance....I want to come and meet Neve! xx Mare

  2. Enjoy Melbourne.... it is a lovely place and has some great places to see and eat. In fact my mther is enjoying a break down there at the moment prior to heading to India to help with the triblings!
    Neve is looking fantastic and am sure she will steal the show at the rellies more photos of her in he r pink outfits.
    Take care
    Paula & Justin +3 soon :)))

  3. I was thinking about you this morning. Angus is looking more grown up and has a little more head control. I was wondering if Neve was the same and clearly she is. It is amazing how much they change in a week! Sounds like Melbourne is a success. Hopefully Hamish can get some down time. James' deal has not closed yet if that is any consolation. xxx K

  4. Welcome to Australia baby Neve! These photos are such a reminder that it is not just the parents having a baby, the joy goes family-wide. YOu can just see the love ooze from Eloise, too sweet!

  5. I'm gaining on you!! It's April 17 at my present.

    Playing the part if that many? Ah yes, and that's how my dinner went out the window when Ruby used to start her meltdown at 7pm when I'd start making it! Pre-fixed stuff now.

    And welcome to the entrepreneurial lifestyle! Where the time clock doesn't really stop! Nor does it for lawyers in general I guess, but topped with the new preneur schedule, it's a delicate balance!