Monday, May 21, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Woke up to great news this morning - the DNA lab in California (Universal Genetics) worked over the weekend and had our results ready for open of business Delhi time!  There's a 99.9% chance that Ronan and Gemma are Hamish's biological children and that's good enough to earn the little guys citizenship and the blessed golden tickets - US passports.  We should have everything from the embassy tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest, then we do one visit to the FRRO for exit visas and we are free to go!  We are scheduled to leave Delhi next Monday (exactly a week from today) and so the countdown to our Delhi departure begins.

This trip to Delhi has been so different from our last.  It has felt more hurried and chaotic.  Perhaps this is the result of revisionist history on my part or perhaps this is just the reality of life with three babies verses one.  Perhaps it's the incredibly repetitive mall visits and all the caffeine that goes with them! We were in a bit of a new baby cocoon with Neve last year.  I feel like I spent hours sitting around the apartment staring at Neve, photographing Neve, blogging about Neve, oohing and awing over every little thing Neve did.  This time there has been little safe harbor baby time.

But cocoon or no, next Monday we sprout wings and part II of the sequel begins.  We leave in the morning for Singapore, have a bit of a layover - then catch an overnight flight to Melbourne, Australia.  Three adults, two infants and one Wild Animal - oh my!  We will be assuming full control of the twins - thank god and OMG!  The nurses are taking great care of Ronan and Gemma, but the little ones are showing signs of needing a full time Mommy and Daddy.   Once we are in and settled in Melbourne I somehow HAVE to weave up some silk and create at least a part time twin cocoon for both their sake and mine!

Our weekend was great - had a very festive dinner out on Saturday night and then a lovely lunch with Douglas and Chad on Sunday.  All so much fun that I did not manage a single photo!  We will miss our Delhi friends although everyone seems to be in preparation to flee the heat of the summer.

It was Anila's birthday yesterday and we had a cake and I used it as a great excuse to go back to my new favorite shops at the N Block Market to pick up a gift for her.  She was very sweet and shy about all of the attention - she smiled, giggled, grabbed the knife, cut the cake and then fed us each a bite - sort of like a wedding in the baby suite!  We will miss Anila - that's for sure.

So, this last week in Delhi my goals include (1) making sure Jessica sees something more of Delhi than our apartment and the mall - she's going to the Taj Mahal tomorrow, so that's a pretty darn good start, (2) prepare for full time twin care (gulp!) and (3) shop a little more!!

Take care!

G, H & N R G

Anila cutting her birthday cake.

Anila feeding Hamish cake while Hamish is feeding Ronan.

The birthday girl!



  1. Enjoy your last few days in Delhi! N block has great shopping, we were also big fans of Khan Market. Good luck at the FRRO!

  2. Well done and fabulous news on the passports etc. Yell out if you have time in Singapore for visitors at the airport or if you want to pop out to our place for a swim/shower etc.

    Safe travels and love reading your adventures.
    K, P and G

  3. Best wishes as you make your way around the EARTH!

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