Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Times!

Some very excellent developments in this, our second journey to India to retrieve small humans: (1) terrific doctor's appointment for the twins at Paras Spring Meadows Hospital, (2) Jessica, our Wild Animal trainer, has arrived in Delhi fresh from Reno, Nevada, and (3) I finally found great shopping in Delhi!

On point one - 

We  took Ronan and Gemma back to the hospital yesterday for their two week check-ups.  I can't believe they are already that old! The pediatrician at Paras examined the little ones and found them to be in excellent health - hearts are good, lungs are good and, wait for it  . . . . . . . their weights are really up!  

Ronan is now 2.9 kg (up from 2.3 kg at birth and 2.1 kg on discharge) and Gemma is now 2.6 kg (up from 2.0 kg at birth and 1.95kg on discharge).  The rigorous stuffing by the baby nurses has paid off in scores and the twins have the milk blisters and the weight to prove it.  I will eat my words from the last post and go out on a limb by agreeing that these two are downright chubby (sort of, except in the ankles)!  

I have grown very fond of the pediatrician at Paras, Dr. Tandon, and have great faith in him and in Paras hospital in general.  Please keep in mind that my post on the hospital experience was colored by heat and the Wild Animal's antics and in retrospect I was not as fair to them as I should have been and I am sorry for that.  If we were to go for number 4, I would gladly have the baby born in Paras to the care of Dr. Tandon.  I would just leave numbers 1, 2 and 3 at home  . . .  in New York . . . . and I would do it in January not May!  Thanks Dr. T!!

Chubby Gemma cheeks!

On point two - 

I popped in the car at 8pm last night to meet Jessica our new friend/nanny/godsend at the airport.  She had been traveling for something close to 24 hours having come from Reno, Nevada and arrived perky and happy and ready to go.  Jessica is going to help us for the rest of our stay in Delhi and then she will go on with us to Australia and all the way back to New York (and on all the flight adventures in between!).  

Jessica is sweet and adorable and Neve took to her right away.  I just don't think that Neve realizes that Jessica is something of a professional in this field having studied child development in school and having a fair amount of work experience which small children.  Jessica is very kind with Neve, but she means business and we are beyond excited to have a professional in the house again.  I think Jessica is going to teach us a thing or two about taming Wild Animals.

We are thrilled to have Jessica with us and she has already made a big difference in just one day!!


On point three -

My new good friend in Delhi popped by this morning and took me out for a proper shopping trip.  This is our third time in Delhi and frankly I had given up on ever finding proper shopping. I have been shuttled through all of the tourist trap centers and have practically lived at the mall, but have always been - well, left unimpressed.  But, today, I finally found REAL shopping at the N Block Market.  Beautiful fabrics and bed linens and towels and pillows and clothes and more!  I did some damage, but now that I've got a taste, I will be back for MORE!!  It's going to be raining India for Christmas this year so clean out your linen closets and get ready!

Loot from the shopping trip!  Such beautiful things!

We are going out for a proper actual dinner outside the apartment at a real restaurant tonight without a Wild Animal tossing food and screeching at us.  I am so giddy with excitement - it's like we just got our IDs and are being let loose in a beer hall!  And this, to be followed up tomorrow by a fantastic family brunch in the beautiful embassy area of Delhi with our friends Chad and Douglas.  


Much love,

G, H & N R G

Neve examining her new big girl duvet!

Gemma semi-enjoying a bath.

Ronan in his Star Belly t-shirt - thanks Allison!

Gemma's little toes!

Neve checking the price tags and agreeing that we should go back for more!
Get your orders in now!!


  1. Did you get these from fab india. Got two on my last visit and really loving them. Nice to know you are having a swell time too.

  2. Those fabrics are BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to ask about how much you paid for them because I'm totally going to hit that area when I go in a few weeks. In fact, I just bought a new chair this morning from a thrift store and wanted to try and find fabric for it when I went to India. But, like you, I had not found any really fantastic fabrics on the last trip. Please give a few more details about the purchases.