Thursday, May 3, 2012


Jet lag has sunken its nasty teeth into my sweet baby girl and today has been, well . . . long and painful for everyone involved.  I went to bed at around midnight, Hamish turned in at 2am after putting in a day at the office (which woke me up) and then Neve was up at 2:45am, 3:30am, 4:30am and finally at 5am I gave up and took Neve into one of the unoccupied bedrooms to watch cartoons and CNN.  Unfortunately it was not the warm and fuzzy mother and daughter time I had hoped for - all tired and snuggly watching the tv and playing with blocks.  Instead Neve swung from "out of sorts whiney baby" to "maximum crying baby" to "sweet happy baby" like someone with a split personality disorder.  WELCOME TO TODDLER CRANKSVILLE!!

When Neve finally decided it was ok to have a nap later that morning, I crawled back in bed and felt certain that she would sleep several hours (and I would sleep several hours) and we would both wake up back to our old selves.  WELL I WAS WRONG!!  She slept less than an hour and again woke up on the wrong side of the crib.  This pattern repeated itself through the day and we never gained any ground.

I was EXHAUSTED.   2 hours sleep and a couple 45 minute naps were not cutting it on top of my own jet lag and frankly my nerves were frayed from dealing with the Neve mood swings (um, how am I supposed to manage with twins on top of this?? Let's not think about that right now!).  Hamish was trying to help with Neve and trying to work and he too had grown weary.  I realized too late that we had not made a plan for the day and before I knew it, we were destined to be house bound with a monster child.  So add crazy jet lag and lack of sleep to cranky and then toss in filthy floors and boredom and you get ONE CRAPPY DAY.

In retrospect there must have been some big Cricket match today as the cook ran out just after fixing breakfast with orders that we were to leave the dishes on the table because he would take care of it when he got back (this was at 10am and I don't mind clearing the dishes but it seemed like a big deal to him that we not touch them) and the cleaners who usually show up at around 11 were also a no show. At around 4:30 pm everyone mysteriously reappeared - game must have ended.

By then the Delhi dust was thick in the house and we had long ago cleared the breakfast dishes. There is a weird phenomenon here where even if you don't have a single window open and the a/c is using recycled air - after about 12 hours, the floors and every other surface (including your blackberry) will be covered in a light film of Delhi dirt.  You can literally feel it on your feet on the floor and in your hair (and see it all over the clothes and body of your toddler who has been scooting about!).

Well, with the lack of sleep and cranky Neve and feeling like a shut in, the dirt factor put me right over the edge!  I have decided to write this day off entirely and after this post, will try very hard to forget all about it. I will also try very hard to find some beer today, as I don't think I have EVER needed a drink as badly as I did after Neve finally put us out of her misery by going to sleep last night!!

The one funny thing that did happen today was that Hamish found an app on his ipad that translates English into Hindi.  You say to the ipad "make me spinach paneer" and it types in what it thinks you said and then you press a button and like magic it says your phrase back in Hindi.  Genius - right?  Hamish has been dying for pappodoms since we got here but our new cook can't seem to understand his requests at all.  So we're at the table having dinner and Hamish says to the ipad - "cook me some pappodoms" and the app says back "cook me some panda bears"! And at that point in this not funny day, I started laughing uncontrollably and Hamish started laughing uncontrollably and then Neve finally cracked a smile and started giggling at us - which made us all laugh even more.  I think we might be doing without the pappodoms this time around!

Twin news:  When we were at the Mall the day before cranky day, we got a text from the Dr that our surrogate had been admitted to the hospital with labor pains!  "Oh wow - this is really happening", we thought, and got all nervous and started rushing about to finish up the shopping.  But, as these things go, the labor pains stopped and now our surrogate is in the hospital but all is stable.  They are doing a planned c-section on Monday if nature has not taken its course before then.  So there you have it - we have an outside date - May 7 may be the big day!


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