Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

A BIG happy Mother's Day to the mothers of the world! Not just to you conventional mothers but to all of you expecting mothers (LPS!!), you future mothers (keep trying, it will happen for you!) and to all of you who mother others with no title attached.  This used to be one of my LEAST favorite days of the year (sorry Momo!), but it was a celebration that reminded me of the big childless hole in my life.  That has certainly changed and now I am a mother 3 times over, but I still remember the sting.  So, I want to open up Mother's Day to everyone who provides love and support to others - we are all real mothers and we all deserve to be celebrated today (and every day)!

I am personally celebrating Mother's Day by watching Spider Man in bed, eating chocolate and having my third tea of the day!  Again, not conventional, but to each his or her own - this is my idea of a good celebration day!  For the next hour, while the babies are all sleeping, I will happily indulge in this silly pleasure (even though, I have to admit that this movie is pretty atrocious thus the blogging!).

The weekend has been fun.  We went to a new mall yesterday (right next door to our old mall - go figure!) which has a great open space indoor play area for Neve.  It has lots of climbing apparatus and as a Wild Animal, Neve LOVES climbing, so she really enjoyed it.  I liked the people a bit better at the open playground than the Plastic Playworld set, so I may be giving up my membership card and joining this new open air play forum.  There's also a very nice (yes, I said nice, not just descent) food market in this mall and our refrigerator is now busting over - AND they deliver, for free, so I see a real future with this place!  We topped this mall excursion off with a lunch at TGIF (chicken caesar salad, hamburger with fries, coke from a large red plastic cup - the works!). I assure you that we are still in fact in New Delhi, India not Suburb City, USA!

After the mall, we came home, as you do, and had a cocktail party with some friends, Douglas and Chad, who we met last time we were in Delhi!  See pictures below of their 6 month old twin baby boys - these babies are ridiculously adorable and happy and smiley!  Chad and Douglas gave Ronan and Gemma the thumbs up and it was really nice to catch up with them and to see that they are doing so well!  It was also a trip to have newborn twins, 6 month old twins and the Wild Animal all in the same place -- such huge changes take place in the first year and it was like looking at some sort of discovery channel special.  Plus, a cocktail party was so super fun!!  We need more friends in Delhi to save us from the mall.  I think alcohol may be the lesser of the two evils! 

This morning Hamish went on his morning run with the security guard.  Yes, this has become a bit of a morning ritual.  The security guard now puts on his shorts and shoes after his night shift and waits for Hamish to emerge. He gets disappointed when Hamish does not show up, so Hamish now gets up for his regular 7am run and off they go - like it or not! 

I went out next for a run this morning and did my regular laps around the park.  On the way back, running along the road, I came up behind a man carrying a small girl.  She was Neve's size but thinner.  Her eyes were lined in dark mark-up and her expression was mature beyond her years.  She stared at me as I passed by and I could not take my eyes off of her.  She looked like a doll that was relinquished to her purpose - no fight in her, just a dead look of acceptance to her fate, whatever that may be.  I wanted to scoop her up and take her home with me, apply for an exit visa, wash off the make-up and let her revert to being a little wild animal herself.   

She has haunted me this Mother's Day - this possibly motherless child.  

So today, my heart and love go out to all of the mothers out there and to all of those in need of some mothering.  May you all be raised up by the glow of a mother's love.  May life be kind to you and when it is not, may you find a mother to scoop you up, save you, and provide you hope for a better future.

Much love,

G, H & N R G

Neve trying to "pet" Gemma.

In the moment prior to this photo, Neve ripped the pink blanket that used to be hers right off poor Gemma.  These twins better toughen up quick - it's dangerous living with a Wild Animal!

Ronan likes to hit poor little Gemma in the head. 

Neve with one of her fans.

Ezra and Cedric - adorable 6 month old twin boys!

The Wild Animal after a successful kill!

The cleaners love to arrange Neve's toys!

Gemma asleep under the covers.

Daddy and Ronan!


  1. Such a sweet post. :) Happy Mothers Day to you!
    PS: What was the name of that awesome new mall??

    1. Hey! It's DLF and is right next to the City Walk. There is also a Hard Rock Cafe!!

  2. Hey, how'd you do with the aftermath of the ceasar salad from TGIFriday's? I'm guessing you went to the grocery store on the bottom of Select City Walk mall, right? How are their prices? Does it beat shopping at M Block and bringing it back when you are over that way?

    1. The food store in the DLF Mall is called Le Marche. It's a little nicer and has more selection than the Food Bazar in City Walk. Prices are about the same as M Block and it's just a much more pleasant experience. The nice food store at M Block went out of business since we were here last year. Still 2 ok stores at M Block, but I like Le Marche better.

  3. Happy Mother's Day!
    I think the 2nd India baby trip sounds a lot more like a lovely holiday and less the exotic adventure of the first....doesn't it?
    Long live Fridays!

  4. I LOVE your posts even though I don't always get time to read every one, I love how open and honest you are. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Mothers Day, your children are beautiful and I had a little giggle about your hubby running with the security guard. Please ask him if you can take a picture! How sweet!!
    PS I agree re took us a few days to find it but it's an awesome find!

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