Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Secret Affair

That's it - I have a confession to make and what better place to do it than out in the open public blog space for all so see!  I am seeing someone, well actually, two someone's on the side.  There, I've said it and I feel SO much better!  With Neve upping the attention ante and the baby nurses taking full control of the twins, I have taken to sneaking into the baby suite while no one is looking and stealing away with a baby or two.  We share secret moments together in my room in the afternoon plotting life with nanny help for Neve and without baby nurses and we have made wonderful plans for our futures together.  So that's it, I am having a secret affair with my twins and we are planning on running away together (and of course taking Hamish and Neve with us)!

This sounds like a joke, but is closer to the truth than I would like.  The twins are home and doing very well, but I have not gotten to really dig in and be their primary care taker and it's getting me down.  We came all this way to finally meet the twins and become a big family and now they are captive in the baby suite and I am running after the Wild Animal.  The baby nurses are doing a great job - don't get me wrong.  The current feeding routine is quite a undertaking and frankly they can get the twins to take twice the formula that I can.  They have magic feeding skills, I swear.

It's just all very murky waters with Neve being so needy and not having help for her just yet.  Luckily help is on the horizon!  We have the cousin of one of my besties coming over to help us with the rest of our trip and all the traveling and I am hoping that she can distract Neve long enough for me to really get my hands on the twins. Hamish keeps reminding me that this will happen soon enough and to be patient and so I will try. In the meantime I will have to be satisfied with stolen moments here and there with the twins and bide by time until our love can be out in the open for all to see.


G, H & N R G

Ronan telling Gemma about our BIG plans!

First bath for Ronan.  Safe to say he did not enjoy anything about it!

Gemma concurred.

Gemma decided that even after the fact she would 
let us know what a terrible experience that was.

My stolen afternoon with Ronan!! 
How adorable is he?!


  1. they are precious as are your stolen moments. love and miss you. Leah

  2. you will get to enjoy so many precious moments with them.. but can understand the frustration! They are adoreable :)

  3. Yes, I will be there so soon!! Less than a week... and those babies absolutely the cutest things ever.

  4. They are absolutely beautiful; glad you're getting to enjoy stolen moments with them. It is unfortunate that no matter how many times one hears rumors about the challenges of toddlerhood, it never really sinks in until you have a toddler of your own. I found 13-15 months to be the most challenging, and now 2 1/2 - 3. I guess that's why babies are born so cute and helpless; if they came out as toddlers we'd never last!

  5. So much fun reading your updates, Gaelyn. Always puts a smile on my face. And the pics of the little bubbers are adorable. Especially love the dead-on face shot of Gemma post-bath. :)

  6. Gaelyn - love the main photo - you forget just how tiny they are!!

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