Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goings On About Town

It's 3am and I'm up cause Neve decided at 2am it would be fun to hang some, so we did, and now she's back in bed and I'm up.  So I thought it might be fun to hang out with you all some!

The Mall:  So Awesome

Well I never thought I would be writing this, but I am in big love with the big City Walk Mall!  It is about 10 minutes away and is just like something out of Dallas, Texas (except no blonds with big . . . . well, you know what I mean (and it's missing a Neman Marcus)).  The Mall has these things going for it:  (1) air conditioning, (2) nice baby store with mosquito wipes, netting and toys that Neve can play with, (3) a descent food market with some western treats and fresh bread, (4) Illy brand caffe lattes (in case you want one, you have to say the full "caffe latte" and not just "latte" when you order and forget about decaf), and (4) a huge plastic infused indoor children's play area called "Hang Out" (totally tacky, loud over the top play area for little monsters like Neve).

We took Neve to the Mall after our baby visit today to let her have some fun and to buy yet more small forgotten items for tiny twins.  On the first floor they had big loud speakers going and a stage and a crowd.  We avoided the mess by going up a level and then peering over the rails to see what all the fuss was about.  Two extremely well built American men were on stage being weighed and the crowd was going wild.  A weight loss contest?  Nope - a pre-boxing event weigh in event, of course!  I was expecting more Justin Bieber than Gladiator, but ok, and even in America I've never seen one of these weigh in things other than in the movies live.  I have to say that I felt a little bad for the boxer gentlemen - the whole thing was a little "Hunger Games" if you ask me!

Exercise Update

We've been debating whether to forge out and try a jog at a park that is not too far from us and that we pass often when on the way to the hospital.  One person has to stay back with Neve and we must be done by 8am or the heat will be unbearable.  So with all that as a deterrent to running, we've been instead working through our stable of workout tapes.  Hamish has drawn the line on Tracy Anderson, so I have to sneak those in alone if I want one but he'll happily do Yogalates and Boot Camp with southern Allison who talks about our "guns" during the bicep portion (but we don't have any weights so my guns will likely stay as is)! 

New Friends

Before we left, a very good friend of mine in NY pre-introduced me to another good friend of hers who's sister lives in Delhi (complicated, but anyway let's just call it a friend of a friend).  I got in touch with her when we arrived and she immediately had us all over for a play date and dinner.  She has a 4 year old daughter and 3 year old twins - so exactly like us (but the twins are boys and they are a little older, obviously).  She gave us great advice on twin raising and Neve was having the time of her life - their living room is like a preschool and Neve could not get enough!  And then we put her to bed in one of their cribs and had an adult meal with champagne and everything!  We really needed that boost and they were so generous that we brought home a car load of baby gear to use while we are here.  I am suddenly feeling very modern and spoiled with a state of the art pac n play and a stroller in Delhi!!

We also have upstairs neighbors who have just a twins (a boy and a girl) through surrogacy with our same doctor and it turns out they also live in New York.  What a small world!  They will be probably be out of Delhi in the next week so we must make some plans for a house party before they go.

The Weather

Hot, hot and getting HOTTER! Hamish reported this morning that in the next week it is going to get much hotter than it has been since we arrived.  I gave him a look like how could that be possible and he cheerfully told me that the average highs will be well above 100 degrees.  What wonderful news as I have been feeling a bit chilled since I arrived in Delhi!!

The TV Situation

Our apartment has excellent cable.  We get the news stations we like (CNN international and the BBC), HBO and a few other movie channels, cartoons and MTV and several other music stations.  I've gotten really into MTV and VHI which is not my normal cup of tea but they play a lot of Bollywood style music videos (shocking, right?).  Neve is mesmerized by Indian music in general and watches the screen and points at the dancers, then crouches down in a low squat and pumps her legs up in down with her little butt sticking out (this is Neve's form of dancing!) - all with a with a big smile on her face!  Adorable!!

Now that I've seen a fair share of these music videos, there is a definite pattern.  Macho man sees beautiful girl, beautiful girl plays hard to get, macho man and team of man friends do a man dance to win over beautiful girl and finally, beautiful girl and team of girl friends do a dance back to show that beautiful girl is not just all show, etc. etc. - and then they all end up in a big dance together and presumably fall in love!!

The main character man is always over the top macho - large untucked button down almost lumber jack shirt, chest hair, baggy jeans and boot type shoes (cowboy or grunge style).  His build is always on the larger/chunky side for men (especially the Indian men I've run into here) and there is just this general toughness that he exudes - at least until the dancing starts.  The dancing is so amazingly un-macho that it makes me giggle every time.  Macho man has gone to such trouble to be a toughy and then totally blows it with his dance moves.  They really are some of the silliest least macho dance moves you can imagine!  I kinda like it cause the macho guy thing has never done much for me, so I like to think that he's actually showing his inner comedic side with the dance but not sure that's the message I'm supposed to be getting.

Sign Off

Babies come home in the morning, so I better get some rest!  Next post will full of twin information and photos and I'm sure peppered with Neve insanity!


G, H and N, R, G

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