Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost Just Like Locals (Sort of)

Last night we were exhausted but alas rediscovered television (we have the BBC and HBO - woo hoo!) And, like ratty children who stayed up past their bedtime, we were wide awake at 4am.  Enter ambien - next thing you know it's 8am -- magic!  Yes, I understand that this would not be an appropriate response for a ratty baby upset by lack of sleep -- at least not until the child is at least one or two.

First step out of bed and my sleepy mind registered a "problem" with the body.  Cardio blast had done it's job - gluteus painful to the maximus!  Even the never sore Hamish admitted to feeling week in the tushy.  We decided that getting out for a nice walk to loosen things up would be in order (dear god save us from another exercise dvd). So we suited up and headed over to our neighborhood park.  Think Gramercy Park in NY, but smaller and well not gated and exclusive, so not really similar but a square park with trees and bushes still!  This was our first venture out of the apartment in our neighborhood all ALONE - and I am pleased to report that it went very well!

There were a few older gentlemen walking around the park and a few doing various excises in the park.  Feeling emboldened I suggested some running!  After clocking several turns of the park we developed a bit of fan base as (a) we were the only tall white people I saw out this morning and (b) I don't think people commonly run in parks here and certainly female people DO NOT run in parks here.  Nothing concerning, more of a curious crowd - like gathering to watch animals in zoo or something.

We also wandered around the neighborhood a bit after and talked (charades really) with a few corner fruit and vegetable sellers.  Carrots here are an almost bright red color and half of the stuff we did not recognize but it all looked good and fresh.  Will bring money on our next trip to the park and do some purchasing.

On our way back to the apartment we ran into Mr. Mohank and Dellip (I've been spelling his name wrong and he's one of my favorite people in India so I promise to do better by him!) in the street.  Some part of me thinks that Dellip followed us on our virgin voyage to make sure that we did not get lost/into trouble.

Once back Dellip and Mr. Mohank set to making us stacks of delicious pancakes with syrup! Yummy!  If you clean you plate (which would only be polite), Mr. M and D will continue to bring you more and more and more pancakes/toast/whatever they are making for you.  At my 4th pancake I held fast and refused more even though two additional pancakes were already on deck for me.  No one seemed offended and we all parted ways happily.  Lesson:  stop eating when your are full because they are going to keep it coming.  Progress!  Hamish was not so lucky.  He got himself in for something closer to 10 cakes -- ouch!

Next up -- me on the phone, Hamish working, me on the internet reading about Charlie Sheen, Hamish working, me changing colors on blog, Hamish working, me getting splashed by water on deck as people above do laundry above me, Hamish working, me talking to Dellip about his english classes, Hamish working, me rearranging the baby clothes and various jars of creams/soaps/wipes, Hamish working.  You get the picture.

Sensing a restless fit coming on, Hamish asked me look at a term sheet for some deal he's doing.  I voraciously marked it up and then made an appointment to discuss my comments with him after lunch (which Hamish cooked much to Dellip's horror and thank god Mr. M did not see it).  Turns out the term sheet has already been signed!  Good grief,  I DON'T need make work!  Hamish also finally read the blog and had ZERO to say! Humpf!

Bhawna who owns/manages the apartment stopped by for a nice visit this afternoon.  She is a lovely woman - very helpful and very sophisticated.  Sort of wish I had changed out my sweats for that one, but maybe she thinks I'm American hood cool.  She even brought me a blowdryer which I appreciate immensely as my hair currently resembles a poodle that is in need of a good grooming.  NOT PRETTY!  Hamish actually snuck a picture of it which I plan to delete from the camera later.  I do suspect he has some revenge in mind and I must be exceedingly careful!

At dusk, I dragged Hamish with me to the fabric market/district to acquire skirt making materials.  Dusk is when the day gets started around here after the early morning rush -- it's more of a Barcelona schedule in Delhi.  Hamish kindly suggested I go alone and I kindly suggested he get in the car.

Always an adventure we went to store after store where you could see rolls and rolls of beautiful fabrics on the wall (again, this is probably a square mile of small stalls and larger stores with fabrics - cramped, loud, intimidating).  That being said, no one would sell us fabric by the meter! WTH??  We were told it was only for 3 piece suits (a traditional Indian outfit, not the banker type).  I saw lovely things, but only to be had if we bought the fabrics "as as suit".

I tried to reasoning with the nice man - surely they could just lop off a meter or two from the fabric roll I'm holding in my hand?! I'm willing to pay CASH MONEY, here and now!!  I DO NOT NEED A SUIT!! But, no - rejected.  In the third store, we asked the right question.  "Where can we buy fabric by the meter"?  And were directed to the correct corner of the market - score!! We were invited in to buy fabric by the meter!

This is about an hour in and I felt truly triumphant!  This store was literally the width of a horse stall and about double the length and there were rolls of fabric floor to ceiling on each wall.  The guy in charge selected a salesmen for us and then the process began.  I first pointed to a lavender fabric.  Next thing I knew fabrics were flying off of walls I did not even know existed and we were surrounded by lavender fabrics of all types!  Before you could reject or accept one, another was in front of you! Wham, swoosh!  Stacks grew, the man helping us disappearing below the fabrics and had to stand on a ladder to see us over them - poor guy.

Now, I have never made my own clothes and I don't really know how to best judge fabrics, so I was not an easy customer.  Let's just say I was being a bit "indecisive."  Our fabric helper showed true patience under pressure and in fact, after he got the hang of what we were after, it was he who came up with the winning look all on his own!  Amazing!!  Will send photos once part 2 of the project is complete for those fashionista followers who care.

Exhausted after a few hours out, we arrived back to the apartment with the fabrics and some grapes we had purchased while out.  The ever watchful Dellip noticed said grapes and suggested mango and papaya for breakfast.  Yes!  Now we are on to something!!  You can push all the fruit you want on me and I may just exhaust your supply!!

After dinner (Mr. M made ok chinese food), the pattern has become for Dellip to consult me on the menu for the following day.  I had my trusty MacBook Air with me and when he started asking, do you want "X" or do you want "Y" for dinner- instead of just nodding and saying that sounds good like I know what he's offering,  I googled the choices. Dellip and I looked at images of pappodams and paneer and dalh, etc. until we had put together a very nice menu for tomorrow night.  He seemed to enjoy this greatly, looking at all the food pictures and nodding approvingly.  We wanted soft boiled eggs for the morning and confirmed with at google image that were were on the same page.  Hamish tried to ignore this lengthy discourse (on computer headphones on) - but I could tell he thought it was pretty darn funny!

And now for the news everyone's been waiting for, drum roll please and, what's that?  Oh - NOTHING!!  Baby moose is not showing any signs of wanting to be born.  Should I take this personally?  This afternoon Bhawna said, "wow you guys are the first couple we've heard of that's had to wait for your baby - usually they come early and the parents are in fits to get here and pick them up".  Huh, how about that.  Things going differently for us than for other couples, imagine that.

So, here we are after six years in the baby making process - our baby almost 9 months in the womb and all nested in to a lovely apartment ready for the parenting portion of the program to begin.  And instead, we're exercising, eating tons, blogging and hanging with Dellip!!  Ok -- this has been an excellent adventure so far and I'm loving every minute but let's keep our eyes on the prize people.

We will not be distracted here in the 4th quarter - the clock is on the field, we are going for 2 pointer, we know the plays and we know how to execute - no show off moves at the end of the mogul run for us, no way.  We are going to win gold here folks - we came for nothing less and will not go home empty handed!  We will patiently bide our time until we get that baby in our hot little hands and then, finally, we will exhale!!

By the way, Hamish announced at dinner tonight that he thinks I'm going to be a "possessive" mother. Compliment?? Criticism??  Talk amongst yourselves.

Lots of love to all and to all a good night (morning or afternoon) -


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  1. Obviously, I loved this post. So FYI, I'm living you DVR style. My newspaper reading has diminished, so you have the pleasure of my eyeballs at night, in the dark when Ruby is finally asleep. I'm reading every word, slowly. You may even be in NY by now. David asked me. But unlike other Geminis, I don't skip to the end of a book to read the last page. So it's April, I have no idea where you are, and my reading skills better speed up quick! Onto the next It's A Girl post!! ( which I actually did already read).