Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the Way to Delhi

Hello!! This is our first official blog post!!

We are leaving New York for New Delhi in a couple of hours.  Just sitting at the table marveling at all the bags we are about to drag across the world and eating the odds and ends left over in the fridge.  It sort of feels like we are moving out for good.

I have never been away from work of NY as long as we are planning.  New York - Delhi, pick up child, Delhi - Australia, show off child to H's friends and family, and then home via LA (and possibly New Zealand if we are both crazy and at ease with this dragging a newborn around the world thing).

First, it is clear that we have been living in NY for too long as all of our luggage is black.  Next, the largest bag by a long shot is the one we packed for the approximately 6 pound baby (i.e. very small clothes and no shoes).  See luggage shot below.  Somehow from the womb this tiny unborn thing is already taking up a LOT of space in our lives.  I'm sure that this is just the start of it and we are thrilled to  give him/her a MAJOR amount of space in both our hearts and our lives.

We are going to try out the Phil & Teds nest as a bassinet and it comes with a very nice travel bag which holds lots of stuff.

Will report more once we arrive in Delhi and settle in!!  Have not heard back from our accommodations that they are planning to pick us up at the airport at 1:00 am, so could be a dicey start!

Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,


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