Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful Day in Delhi

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful day in Delhi.  Clear blue sky and a lovely temperature.  Had an appointment with the hospital coordinator, Shilpi, to get an update on how our surromama is doing (ie, is the baby cooked???).

So, we are on the way and Shilpi calls and says, your surromama is here and you are going to get to meet her.  OMG -- NO WAY - GET OUT!! Think of the first part of the roller coaster where you are click, click, click, clicking up to what you know is going to be a big plunge, heart in throat, nerves on edge, afraid but no turning back?!  My mind is racing wondering how we will/should react when we meet her. Hamish pipes in with something about the baby just being a skin's distance away and that I'm "going to need to control myself".  True, yes he knows me, but such a comment still evoked a major eye roll!

Actually meeting our surromama was somewhat bittersweet.   Yes, we know her real name but are not sure about using it on the blog.

The Bitter:  Culture and language were not our friends today. We both had the urge to hug and thank her profusely. I saw us as all crying together holding hands and thanking god for the strange and wonderful miracle that has brought together such different people from such distant places.  Reality is that she is a tiny, lovely and very shy woman who I believe felt awkward (as did we) at this meeting of surrogate and intended parents.  Let's face it, this is not something people come prepared for - the bitter.

The Sweet: Sensing her tension after our initial surge her way, we kept a respectful distance and spoke through Shilpi about her family, how she is feeling, whether she thinks its a boy or a girl (no definitive answer), how late Hamish was being born (3-1/2 weeks - yikes) -- and we all laughed a bit, albeit nervously.  By her body language you could tell that she was very protective of the baby.  I get that and believe that she has carried this baby with great love and affection.  She is feeling good and having no pain or discomfort and looks amazing.  I did have to physically restrain myself from touching her stomach uninvited - but so be it.  We got to see the first in person evidence that there is a real, true baby in there -- the sweet!!  

OK, well, we are now in the official wait and see period. We will certainly see our surromama again soon and she is forever a part of our family and we a part of hers.

So, this morning before the MOMENTOUS MEETING we did our first session of The Firm, Cardio Boot Camp Blast workout on dvd.  It is a longstanding Sharp girl tradition to exercise while on vacation -- really in spite of the appropriate nature of doing so.  I think my oldest sister Jennifer was the catalyst as she has always viewed vacation as a fitness and weight loss opportunity.  We can all remember the days of Jane Fonda out front of the tent in the Serengeti.  Perplexed Kenyans staring with astonishment as four girls (yes, I have three sisters) hoped up in down in place, arms pumping, ears craned to hear Jane's commands over the walkman.  Similar experience in English B&B rose garden and once in an airport -- my oh my!!

Fast forward to this morning, Hamish and I fire up the Cardio Blast dvd using water bottles as our weights and really GET IN TO IT.  This is one of the thing I love about Hamish -- he is not afraid of being silly or too cool for school and is game for whatever comes his way.  Cardio Blast is led by Allison - blond and perfect bodied (reminds me of my friend - her namesake in the NYC).  Her southern drawl made us giggle as we jumped from side to side, lunging here and there on the marble floor.  I actually bruised my knee on some sort of lean over jump to the floor legs out jump back up move -- wow, what the heck was that?  It was a total hoot but if I can walk tomorrow, it will be a miracle.  Next up on the exercise front is The Firm: Cardio Dance Workout dvd.  I'm sort of dreading that one.  Hamish is a much better dancer than I am, so I'm thinking he will OWN IT!!

As if on cue, just as we had finished up the Boot Camp, Dileep came in to start the tea making ritual.  It's the best stuff and we MUST figure out how to reproduce it.  I like to think Dileep's timing was purely coincidence  - but suspect not.  We scared him to death yesterday morning when he walked in on us doing our yogalates tape -- the man seriously ran out of the room as if he had happened upon a wild tiger.  It was just downward dog and we weren't even touching - I swear!

Our lodging provides a cook upon request (yes, two people to take of two adult persons - hardly enough!) and last night Mr. Mohank arrived and prepared a tasty South Indian meal.  After dinner we thanked him and said we would love dinner again tomorrow night, but that we did not need him for breakfast (remember that our grocery goal had been achieved that day).

Well, this morning along with Dileep arrives Mr. Mohank asking what we would like for breakfast.  Hmmmm?  The cereal and milk in the fridge???? But, so as not to hurt anyones feelings (and feeling a bit famished after the Cardio Blast) we gladly succumbed to eggs, toast, roasted tomatoes and onions and of course, our cereal!  Jennifer is going to be so disappointed with my failure to slim down on this trip!!!

After a trip to the M Block Market, the rest of the day was a quiet one indoors fighting jet lag which hits like a ton a bricks in the afternoon.  Hamish has set up a full legal office (printer scanner and all) and has brought in two new deals since we arrived!!  He is threatening to bring me in as his associate so perhaps in addition to a baby and I can leave India with a new career path!!

We have a few followers now who are also IPs so I am going to start a "Tips" portion of blog to keep track of things I think would be helpful to those who are coming after us.  Also, my sincere apologies for the length of these early blogs -- until the baby arrives, I have too much time on my hands and too much noise in my brain to keep it brief!!

Lots of love -


Stray dog in the hood. 
Despite the negativity in the second blog, I've actually come to enjoy our local animal pals!

Hamish napping. 
Until he starts to read this blog, I can get  way with murder!!

Hamish and Dileep (we are giant creatures here).

Hamish, Mr. Mohank and Dileep.  
Not sure why, but no Indians we have photographed so far smile in photos. 
They smile a lot in person, but not in photos.  
Both Mr. M and D were smiling like crazy just prior to the second were captured on film - go figure. 


  1. Great update...I can feel the excitement of Delhi growing with each day. You are lucky to have a memory you can recount with your child someday of the woman who carried him/her!
    Good ol' Dileep! YEAH! And that is the cook guy from the B&B. We quite enjoyed his cooking when we stayed there.
    There is a western style supermarket (complete w higher prices) in the M block...have you found that yet? Also, on the block over from the apt there is a small green grocer and place for eggs and milk and general stuff....AND my favorite beauty saloon! Tell you husband he must go for a shave and a's an experience to remember!

  2. Another great post! It basically seems like you're adding an employee per day.... what's tomorrow's employee going to be reponsible for?

  3. I know you have the baby by now, but I thought you'd email us when you updated the blog - who knew you'd be such a blogging enthusiast? And so funny!!! So I'm reading from the very beginning, not to skip ahead. You might have left the country by now for all I know! Onto the next posts!!