Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lost Post

 I was babying and blogging this evening and as I was trying to delete some unwanted photos that had drifted in without my permission, I MANAGED TO DELETE ALL THAT HAD BEEN WRITTEN TODAY!!!  All I can say is oh crap, oh double crap!  Tired, defeated, giving up!

Have a quiet day tomorrow and will pull myself back together!  Hard to be mad about much when you have such a sweet ball of love by your side!  She REALLY puts the small things in perspective.

Baby Neve is happy and thriving -- eating and sleeping her heart out and even tracking our voices with fuzzy unfocused eyes.  Very sweet!

Below, some of the offending photos.  They wanted to get on and so they will be seen!!!!

Our big night out before we brought Neve home.
Hamish fell asleep after the salad course - whoo hoo do we know how to party!

Hard to see, but elephant on the highway on the way home from big night out.

Girls napping and blogging!

I could not agree more!

Love to all,

G, H & N

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