Friday, March 11, 2011

Neve McCollough Berry

You are now reading the blog of the HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!

Neve was born at 7:24am March 11, 2011 and weighed in at 2.64 kilos/5.8 pounds.

We spent the day with Neve at the hospital feeding and holding her and lingering until the nurses kicked us out.  We are due back in an hour for another feeding but we wanted to post some photos. Will give you all the details of the birth in our next blog.

Neve and Surromom are both in great health.

Thanks for all of the well wishes from our friends and family!  We really could not be more excited!!

So pretty!

Perfect fingers!

And perfect toes!

First time in Daddy's arms.

With Mommy and her pediatrician who says she's a picture perfect healthy baby!!


Love to the world,



  1. Gorgeous, lovely, wonderful, yipppppeeeee! (and the same boppy I think we all used in that little room!!!) CONGRATULATIONS! Celebrate every wonderful little memory to come....
    P.S. LOVE the name!

  2. Such a gorgeous girl and lovely name… you are both beaming!
    Enjoy every moment… :)

  3. She is absolutely gorgous - congratulations, and please keep blogging!

  4. Hey guys,

    Just heading to bed here and wondering if you are bringing Neve home at this point. Can't wait to skype with all three of you. I've been sounding the news on facebook and you have congrats so far from: Amy Sanaman, Cynthia Croot, George Drance, Jenny Laden, and Erika Iverson. Hope you get little Neve home smoothly. xo

  5. Gaelyn, she is just precious! I am so happy for all of you. Congratulations!! (I love the blog, by the way.)

  6. To the proud parents of Neve McCollough Berry,
    We could not be happier for you. You are both such wonderful people and deserve this precious gift. She is a gorgeous girl and we LOVE her beautiful name too! Sofia and Jasmine are eager to meet their future Philipstown friend, besides, you know you need to come and socialize Neve in the posh hamlet of Garrison.
    Seriously, we hope that you have a smooth journey home and a lot of support when you get here ie:matchsticks for your eyes when you are jetlagged and Neve needs feeding!!!
    much, much LOVE and we can't wait to see you,
    Sarah, Stephen, Sofia and Jasmine
    P.S April 24th is our annual Welly Chucking championships, Neve needs to start training asap for the "Newborn" league.

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  8. DearGaelyn and Hamish,Congratulations :)

    It's a GIRL ,yes a sweet GIRL!!!
    There is nothing prouder than holding that special sweet little Angel in your arms. Her sweet sweet little smile and her tiny weeny ten fingers and toes¡­Here's to a great happy family and a new mum and dad:)
    Wishing ROSES of PINK for you and skies of blue...and your new little ray of sunshine..

    ''Congrats on the birth of your baby NEVE!''

  9. Congratulations!! She is beautiful!! and a wonderful name too! Thanks for blogging, as it has been a very good read so far! By the way were the guys from HK and will be picking our baby up in July so it's great to read about Delhi before arriving :) All the best and congrats again!

  10. G&H -- SO THRILLED. Your blogs are beautiful and a great way to share your experience. Love you and MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!