Monday, March 21, 2011

Comings & Goings

The last few days have been spent mostly around home.  We had the Holi celebration on Sunday and, to be honest, I am at a loss for where the time has gone.  I feel like I'm doing nothing but still can't get anything done; like I'm always busy but have nothing concrete to show for it; like everyday is a run on sentence with no clear beginning and no clear end (much like this one!).  It's a strange vortex that I've fallen into -- I think they call it Motherhood!!

Neve has been home with us going on 8 nights and the 7 prior I have handled solo.  Hamish is working, blah, blah, blah - I want to bond with the baby, blah, blah, blah - so it's just worked out that way.  We have not even run across the Staton Island Bridge yet (NYC Marathon reference for those of you not following me) - but I'm starting to understand the wearing nature of the joy that is parenting.  EP's are shouting "you have no idea newby, NO IDEA"!

It's not just surviving one night or one bath, but being able to go the distance every night and every bath.  I admit that I might just need more than 2 hours of continuous sleep at least once per week to cheerfully pump Neve full of bottles 24/7.  That's why I am planning to take half of this night off!!  We are putting Hamish in the rotation for a night feeding and we'll see how he goes.  Will provide a detailed report and critique tomorrow when my razor sharp focus is back!!

Anyway, on Saturday we had two fun outings.  First we marched ourselves down as a family to the local barber shop to get Hamish's hair cut.  The general fashion for men's hair here is short on the sides and back and puffy with product on the top.  Hamish's usually style is the all around buzz cut with the number 3 (ie short all the way around).   Needless to say, there were stylistic differences. The Sukhdev Vihar stylist - in his two chair set up - was not about to hack that wonderful manliness atop Hamish's head!  Sides short? Fine. Back short? Good. Top short? No can do!  Poor guy - he kept pronouncing the cut part over and Hamish kept saying "shorter on top please" and the guy would survey things and do some combing and take off a few slices and again declare it done.  Hamish finally gave up moved on to the shaving part of the treatment!

At this point I thought we were about 5 minutes out.  I was getting hot, Neve had finished up reading the paper and having her coffee but the shave part kept going and going and then seemed to be turning into a facial.  We took off for home just as the peel was going on and apparently missed the hot oil rub with the vibrating machine that followed.  So Hamish did not get the exact cut he wanted but he got the full spa treatment and came home with glowing skin and a bad boy look with LOTS of product!!

Lots of combing but not much cutting for the top!

After getting properly beautified we went out to meet an Australian couple who are also currently in India  picking up their twins!  They invited us over for dinner and it was really lovely.  Neve received her first gift post-birth!! Thank you!! And, having read my blog and learned of my coke problem, they also brought me a whole case of diet coke!  How awesome is that?!  It was a treat to get out and to have nice non-Indian food (I LOVE the stuff but variety is the spice of life) and we were greatly appreciable of their hospitality.  See the three peas in a pod below.

We decided to give Neve her second bath in honor of her first social invitation.  We tried a more calm, easing manner with a bit warmer water - soft spoken voices, white robes, scented candles and the relaxing tones of wind chimes.  She tolerated parts of it, I'm happy to say, but was maniacal for most.  For someone who just spent 9 months naked in fluids she sure has an aversion to all things naked and all things water.  Go figure!

Believe it or not, this is a calm part.  
That "you're abusing me" look is really coming along!

Hope everyone is doing well!!  

All our love,

G, H & N


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