Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Quickie

Hello!  We had a very successful morning at the Australian consulate.  Neve's passport will be ready tomorrow morning and we go directly from there to the Ministry of Home Affairs to start the exit visa process.  This means, if all goes well, we will have our FRRO appointment on Monday and should be free to leave India sometime next week!

WOW -- that just seems totally crazy to me!  We've sort of settled in here in a way that feels more permanent than it should.  We have enjoyed our hood and saying goodbye to Dellip and Mr. M is going to be really, really hard.  But, alas we are also ready.

After the consulate appointment we went to the Imperial Hotel for a very nice brunch.  The Imperial is a 5 star hotel with like 6 restaurant/bars inside.  The architecture is sort of art deco meets the Taj and there's a big garden (although the lawn needs help!).  We sat out on the verandah and had our first lattes in weeks (mostly cause we are digging the tea, but still).  It was like walking off the streets of Delhi and into a fancy Miami hotel!  Such culture shock!  It would certainly be a very different (and I don't necessarily mean better) experience to stay somewhere like that in Delhi!

Neve enjoying her first brunch!

Photo shoot in the garden.  Note that the grass needs some work.

By the way for all of you Australians, you should be very proud of the High Commission in Delhi.  It's a lovely and well run facility with flowers and golf course green type grass.  They take away your cameras when you come through or I would have gotten a picture of these flowers they are growing that are as big as a human head! I kid you not!

We had a power outage this afternoon and took a family nap, so just a shorty post for today!

Lots of love,

G, H & N


  1. The Lady of the Manor will rocket back to earth too soon I'm afraid....I know the feeling all too well. Bring D home with you and we can share his delightful and diligent service!

  2. I am glad to hear your exit is going well. We had drinks at Imperial Hotel, it was a strange transition from Old Delhi to the hotel. And you nailed it, totally Miami art deco.

  3. Way ahead of me. I am still waiting on his citizenship! Well done and see you soon!

  4. Just read your post about meeting your surromama with Neve. What an amazing moment that must have been.... we didn't get to do that with our clinic. Congrats on getting all the paperwork done to get on your way home! Neve is getting cuter and cuter!

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